A beautiful evening in June saw us back in London for our final (for now..) Hope Tales event, bringing together an apparently random but always delightful group of creative people for an evening of shared hopeful words. This time, the theme was Love and everyone rose to the challenge with short stories, thought pieces and poems.

The venue was Notting Hill’s Tabernacle and what a fabulous space it is – friendly and accessible too. Big thanks to them and to Hope Tales supporter Gilli who found it for us.

As usual, the content from this fabulous evening is being collated into a beautiful “chapbook” to be passed around and shared again. This should be out in late September, but in the meantime, you can download previous chapbooks here. Chapbooks were highly popular in the18th-19th centuries. A chapbook was seen as street literature and a chapman was a seller of chapbooks. They were used to publish popular or folk literature, almanacks, children’s stories, folk tales, ballads, political prospectuses, poetry and religious tracts.

Hope Tales is a collaboration between the Rapid Transition Alliance, the Centre for Public and Policy Engagement at the University of Essex and the New Weather Institute, using the power of story to investigate real hope for our future. Thanks to Jules Pretty for inspiring us and keeping us going!