Meet the Member: Network of Wellbeing

By Roger Higman on 1 October 2019

The Network of Wellbeing are a UK based organisation that put the emphasis on the positive changes that rapid transition can bring about. They support a network of people and organisations that care about the wellbeing of people and planet.

Why did you join the Rapid Transition Alliance?

Because we care about people and the world on which we depend. Climate change threatens the wellbeing of all of us.

What for you is the biggest challenge of rapid transition?

Persuading people that rapid transition can be a positive experience that improves wellbeing. As well as discussing what people should or shouldn’t do – whether it be changing their pension plans, eating less meat or flying less – we need to talk about what they can do to have fun, meet new people and make their lives better.

What is your organisation doing to encourage rapid transition?

We support a network of people and organisations with a passion for building wellbeing for all by acting together. We also support practical ways to help people make their lives better, including a Share Shed where people can borrow any of 300 different items that they need but would otherwise have to buy.

What is your favourite example of rapid transition?

Sharing turns scarcity into abundance and are showing how we can solve the climate crisis and make life better for billions of people.

What one thing would best help the task of rapid transition?

Paying more attention to wellbeing and less to consumption.


Roger Higman

Roger is the Director of the Network of Wellbeing.