Calling all art students and recent graduates

You’re invited to submit documentation of a piece of work for COP_ART27, an online exhibition timed to intersect with COP27, the major UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt in November. 

Your work can be new or already exist, in any media. The online exhibition is concerned with the wide range of subjects around climate change, including, not limited to: 

heat, the future, materiality, toxicity, social justice, migration, the body, the environment, economics, value, aesthetics, water, mental health, behaviour, equanimity, food, global commons, sustainability, abstraction, rapid transition.

A further list of subjects may be found by scrolling down on the COP27 Presidency Vision webpage.

The exhibition will take place on social media in order to reach as many people as possible in the short time available. Selected posts will be uploaded to Instagram and other platforms on a daily basis during the first week of the Conference. During the second and final week, the exhibition will be disseminated more widely via social media. All contributing artists with an Instagram account are invited to post an image of their work with a link to the official Instagram account of the exhibition from Sunday 6th November. After the conference, the Instagram will remain as an online exhibition.

A ‘Golden Monkey’ award + £250 prize money will also be awarded.

How to submit

Email, subject COP_ART27, by Sunday 30th October 2022 with: 

  1. up to three jpeg images of a single artwork / installation / performance / etc, 1080px x 1080px, or a single MP4 file between 3 seconds to 1 minute long.
  2. your name, the title of your artwork (including ‘Untitled’ if necessary), media, dimensions (e.g. cm / dimensions variable / duration in minutes, seconds), and date (year only).
  3. A short text about your work, 2,200 characters max, including spaces (please note this may be edited).
  4. The name of your degree / postgraduate course and University, and your dates of study.
  5. If you have an Instagram account, your handle (this is not mandatory).

The ‘Golden Monkey’ award + £250 prize money and the other entries selected to be profiled across social media channels will be announced on Sunday 13th November. Payment of prize money will be via bank transfer. 

Contextualising note

Four years ago the UN declared that we have only 12 years to have a reasonable chance of avoiding the 1.5% increase in temperatures considered to be a vital defence against even worse climate breakdown and more extreme weather events across the globe. Some progress has been made, but unfortunately nothing like what’s required for future health, well-being and longer-term survival. Meanwhile governments continue to support fossil fuels, and to confuse rhetoric with action: COP_ART, not COP_OUT.

The Golden Monkey is an endangered species that relatively little is known about.

For more information, have a look at the the 2021 COP_ART26 online exhibition.