Why, in a warming world, are we surrounded by ads for polluting products and lifestyles that make the problem worse? This seminar – hosted by the Badvertising campaign, New Weather Institute, Rapid Transition Alliance and Greenpeace Sweden – introduces the new international campaigns seeking to do what public health campaigns against tobacco did for cigarette advertising, but this time for high-carbon adverts. It will look at what fossil ads are, and why fossil fuel ads and sponsorships need to be stopped. We will hear about the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) that proposes a European ban on fossil fuel advertising and sponsorships, as well as cities pioneering moves from cities such as Amsterdam and the Hague who are introducing fossil ad bans locally. And research on how fossil advertising influences our minds. There will also be time to workshop and make your own plans on how to end fossil fuels ads in your city.

For more info about the event and location, check out the official website.


Gustav Martner – Greenpeace Sweden

Gunnar Lind – New Weather Sweden

Femke Sleegers – Recleme Fossielvrij, Fossil Free Advertising NL

Cecilia Soler – University of Gothenburg

Andrew Simms – Rapid Transition Alliance, New Weather Institute

Anna Jonsson – New Weather Sweden