We would like to invite you to participate in this lunchtime session where we will celebrate our Reset Series, exploring the wide range of changes we saw take hold during the pandemic in the area of overconsumption.

Hear from:

  • Prof. Bikramaditya Choudhary, The Centre for the Study of Regional Development at Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Joel Onyango, African Centre for Technology Studies
  • Anna Jonsson, New Weather Sweden
  • Nicky Saunter and Andrew Simms from the Rapid Transition Alliance

Get involved

We want to hear from our members and supporters, so please have a look at the briefings (they are short and easy to ready, so just pick a favourite topic) and bring along:

– One example of something you have learned from the pandemic
– One idea of how we can carry forward any positive change

Through these sessions, we want to reflect on our collective experience of the pandemic, what we learnt about rapid transition, how we felt, what worries us as we emerge from the pandemic and, most importantly, what we think needs to happen to lock-in some of the more sustainable habits, behaviours and choices that arose during the pandemic. This is an opportunity for us to get together as an alliance, share and pool our insights, while building a collective vision of the challenges ahead.


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The Reset series

The Reset series explores the lessons from the global pandemic on two vital areas for rapid transition: overconsumption and unnecessary travel. Our set of downloadable short briefings, webinars and short film series, focus on the period we are living through for scalable, rapid change and provide evidence-based hope for the future. 

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