The pandemic showed that society has the capacity to change policy, behaviour and daily life in a very short period of time, almost overnight. Consumption patterns changed dramatically. Now a war in Europe is adding to the shock of an energy crisis. What can we learn from past and ongoing crises? How do we use this knowledge to encourage a rapid transition in the face of toxic inequality and the climate and ecological emergency?


  • Evidence-based hope from the pandemic – reversing overconsumption, Andrew Simms, Rapid Transition Alliance 
  • Turning point – the pandemic as an opportunity for change, Nick Meynen, author and Senior Policy Officer for Systemic Change at The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) 
  • Trends and possibilities within business, Katarina Björk, Chair of the green think tank Cogito and Applied Impact Partnership Manager at Doconomy 
  • The current energy crisis – an opportunity to diminish the demand of energy,  Verena Bax, Energy Savings Policy Coordinator at CAN Europe
  • Political lessons from crisis, Eva Svedling, former State Secretary in the Swedish Government at the Ministry of Environment
  • Questions and discussion

The webinar will be facilitated by Anna Jonsson, New Weather Institute (Sweden) and Andrew Simms, Rapid Transition Alliance.