In the face of environmental crises and global inequality, how can we work together for more sustainable futures? What can we learn from great transitions and transformations of the past?

This event brought together activists, academics and practitioners to explore what we can learn from history and how we accelerate change in the present, and launched a booklet, How did we do that? The possibility of Rapid Transition.

The booklet emerged from a pilot project to explore rapid transition and transformations through a series of events in 2016-2017, involving the New Weather Institute, the School of Global Studies at Sussex University, and the ESRC STEPS Centre.


In the video playlist, we asked speakers to share their views on rapid transitions, including Caroline Lucas, Rob Hopkins, Richard Murphy, Andrew Simms, Andy Stirling, Pete Newell, Paul Allen and Molly Conisbee.

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  • Caroline Lucas, co-leader, Green Party of England and Wales
  • Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology
  • Rob Hopkins, Transition Network
  • Molly Conisbee, University of Bristol / Bread, Print & Roses
  • Andrew Simms, New Weather Institute
  • Peter Newell, University of Sussex/ESRC STEPS Centre
  • Leo Murray, 10:10
  • Phil Johnstone, SPRU, University of Sussex
  • Richard Murphy, Tax Research UK
  • Bradon Smith, The Open University, Stories of Change project
  • Chris Rowland, OVESCO
  • Kayla Ente, Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-op (BHESCo)
  • Ruth Potts, Schumacher College / Bread, Print & Roses
  • Sarah Woods, playwright & artist