Of all the things that changed suddenly during the pandemic – it was transport, one of most polluting activities that was most transformed overnight. In this webinar we look at how everything from the commute to work, to international travel shifted suddenly and much travel was revealed to be unnecessary. What does this mean for the layout of towns and cities, tourism and the vehicle and airline industry? How can positive lessons be made to stick? How do we use the experience of the last few years to encourage a rapid transition?



  • Evidence-based hope from the pandemic – changes in transportion, Nicky Saunter, Rapid Transition Alliance 
  • Air travel – continuation of low volumes or back to doubling every 30 years? Jörgen Larsson, Associate Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg 
  • What can we learn about the future of shipping from the covid pandemic and supply chain chaos? Lucy Gilliam, Senior Shipping Policy Officer at Seas at Risk 
  • Building Streets for People in New York, Doug Gordon, Co-host, The War on Cars podcast and NYC project lead, The Car Free Megacities Campaign
  • Political action for just transition of the transport sector – is the pandemic still an opportunity? Jens Holmmember of Stockholm city council and former member of the Swedish and the European Parliament
  • European and political perspectives on the possibilities of a rapid transition of the transport sector, Jakop Dalunde, member of the European Parliament
  • Questions and discussions

The webinar will be facilitated by Anna Jonsson, New Weather Institute (Sweden) and Nicky Saunter, Rapid Transition Alliance.