Across the world, national and local governments are declaring a climate emergency on the back of dire warnings from UN scientists about the need for urgent and far-reaching action.

As of November 2019, 1,191 jurisdictions in 24 countries representing over 290 million citizens (including 70 percent of the UK population for example, and the UK Parliament itself) had declared a climate emergency. These declarations, taking place at every level of government, represent a protest against the climate path we are on. There is now a challenge to turn them into programmes of action to match the necessary pace and scale of change needed.


  • Catriona Currie- Senior Campaign Activism Advisor at Friends of the Earth
  • Paul Chatterton- Professor of Urban Futures in the School of Geography
  • Paul Allen– Centre for Alternative Technology (video below)
  • The Rapid Transition team will be sharing case studies and highlighting links and further resources.

So what are councils doing to deliver on these pledges? What is working and what is not? What can we learn and share to build momentum for more ambitious action?


Resources from the webinar

Guest speakers and members of the Alliance team were joined by participants to discuss, share and reflect upon what local councils can do to address the climate emergency.

Here is the presentation from Paul Allen from the Centre for Alternative Technology.


You will find  also find an audio recording of the webinar below.


Participants also shared a number of useful resources which you can find in the PDF below.