Book: The Politics of Green Transformations

Book published in 2015 that explores how 'top-down' and 'bottom-up' green transformations work, and the roles played by different kinds of alliances among states, businesses and citizens.

Posted on 20 January 2015

Multiple ‘green transformations’ are required if humanity is to live sustainably on planet Earth. Recalling past transformations, this book examines what makes the current challenge different, and especially urgent.

The book is edited by Ian Scoones, Melissa Leach and Peter Newell and was published by Routledge in the ESRC STEPS Centre’s Pathways to Sustainability book series in 2015.

About the book

Technologies such as renewable energy, coupled with market incentives to encourage switching from high-carbon patterns, are being heavily promoted as solutions to avert imminent planetary disaster.

But The Politics of Green Transformations challenges the assumption that green transformations can be either solely market or technology-driven. Technical and market fixes may help with transitions to greener economies, but it does not amount to transformation that is both green and just.

From the key role for green entrepreneurial states to the vitality of citizen movements in driving change, the authors assert the green transformation is like no other we have witnessed so far.

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