This book is part of an ongoing project begun by the New Weather Institute to find more imaginative ways to tell the stories of the challenges faced by our times. After decades of campaigning for a better world, the current moment seems ever-more troubling, standing on the verge of potentially irreversible ecological decline and in the grip of toxic social division and pandemics that cross the species’ barrier.Contagious Tales is our fourth volume of modern folk stories following There was a Knock at the DoorKnock Twice, and Knock Three Times.

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“These stories matter because they help us grasp a world that is seemingly out of control, and imagine what steps we can take next to make things better.”
Alan Rusbridgereditor of Prospect magazine, former editor of The Guardian

“This book is like being by a campfire, surrounded by your favourite people telling stories that are funny, inventive, full of pathos and truth, but also making leaps of imagination that point the way out of our current self-destructive path.”
Caroline Lucas, Green MP


This collection is in collaboration with the Rapid Transition Alliance, supported by the KR Foundation. It brings together a wide variety of authors, from earth scientists and economists, to playwrights and poets.

Authors and titles include:

  • Deerspeak Anita Roy
  • In the rain Deborah Rim Moiso
  • Do you read me? David Cross
  • You know this already Sarah Woods
  • Pandemic poetry Extract from Plague Poems
  • Treasure Jan Dean
  • The shrunken road Nick Robins
  • Night singing Nicky Saunter
  • The mask maker Andrew Simms
  • Moments Marion Molteno
  • Net zero Bill McGuire
  • The ark Corrina Cordon
  • The white hare Geoff Mead
  • Sous le mall Emilie Tricarico
  • Felicity Natasha Lodge
  • The Pandora boxes Ed Mayo
  • The battlecruisers David Boyle
  • Lockdown birthday Jana Laiz
  • Slogan John Jackson
  • The Prime Minister knitted me a jumper Chris Nichols
  • The three bears Allan Nicholls
  • Njálla and the lost Mr Winter Anna Jonsson 

Contagious Tales is also available as a kindle edition from Amazon. The previous titles in the series are available here: There was a knock at the door, Knock Twice and Knock Three Times.