This thematic briefing on the lessons from lockdown demonstrates some of the ways in which people around the world have looked after each other in response to a global pandemic, quickly and sometimes with minimal resources.

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Health workers across Europe from Italy and Spain to the UK, were routinely applauded during the peak of the crisis in spontaneous outpourings of public gratitude and support. Delivery drivers and front-line care workers in so many countries suddenly found their social status far above that of hedge-fund managers. Governments across the globe have – to varying degrees – paid the wages of millions of working people.

It has been an extraordinary transformation to tackle a major threat, and the real issue now is how to keep and further enhance these life-enhancing shifts while other issues push up the agenda and the world moves on?


This guide has been made possible by the support of the KR Foundation – – it is the result of contributions from many groups and individuals and is published by the Rapid Transition Alliance – – where you can find many of these examples explored in more detail. 


For the past several months we have asked for people to share their experiences of lockdown and see what lessons you might have for living happier, more caring and less polluting lives. We have received an overwhelming collection of personal stories, insights and reflections.

Our team has been working with talented designers, filmmakers and writers to create a set of inspirational and useful materials that show what we have learned and what might we want to keep for the future. We want to make sure that these free to use, unbranded lessons, contributed to by many of you, travel as far as possible. So please share these with your colleagues and networks and use them as you wish.

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