PODCAST: How History Inspires Environmental Activism, Dan Snow interviews Andrew Simms

Posted on 15 January 2020

In his latest History Hit podcast “How History Inspires Environmental Activism”, historian Dan Snow interviews the Alliances Andrew Simms. Together they explore how history can teach us some key lessons about how we can tackle climate change.


” The world faces a unique environmental challenge. The scale of response to this looming catastrophe can be overwhelming. But economist and activist Andrew Simms believes that history provides us with a guide. It can inspire us to see that we have overcome greater challenges than those we face now. It can encourage us to be bold and believe that the solution lies in our hands. Andrew co-founded the New Weather Institute and Green New Deal group and is a lover of history. In this podcast Andrew shares his thoughts with Dan on episodes in the past that we should be looking to, from the New Deal to the allied victory in the Second World War. He believes we “are capable of extraordinary things.”