PODCAST: S2 Ep4: The Politics of Green Transformations: Melissa Leach, Peter Newell & Ian Scoones, interviewed by Andrew Simms

Posted on 1 January 2020

In the latest edition of the Institute of Development Studies podcast, ‘Between the Lines’, Andrew Simms interviews the co-editors of The Politics of Green Transformations. The book, released in 2015, explored the multiple ‘green transformations’ required if humanity is to live sustainably on planet earth.

In recent years, climate change and the environment has shot up the agenda in political and public discourse, and a new type of politics has taken shape, with many people calling for urgent, radical change.

In this month’s Between the Lines, IDS Director Melissa LeachProfessor Ian Scoones and Professor Peter Newell discuss their co-edited book, The Politics of Green Transformations. Drawing on international examples, they reflect on past transformations as examples of positive change and examine the factors that have contributed to recent heightened awareness and emergency narratives. They discuss the tensions between the need for urgent green transformations and issues of inequality, social justice and rights, and call on an evidence-based politics of hope, to drive humanity towards a sustainable, just future.

Interviewing them is Andrew Simms, author, political economist, activist and the coordinator of the Rapid Transition Alliance.