As part of the Battersea Park summer programme delivered by Enable and Wandsworth Council, on Sunday 10th of July Spirit of Football and Cool Down, the Sport for Climate Action Network, are jointly hosting a Kick Off match in Battersea Park to mark the start of a journey to the Women’s World Cup in which football and climate activism come together to highlight the need for urgent climate action.

“Together we want to get this fair play ball rolling. It is a ball for us all. Be part of our team. Everyone can play. Respect your teammates, your opponents and the environment. One Ball, One World,” Jürgen Klopp, Spirit of Football’s Ambassador & Liverpool F.C. manager

Spirit of Football fuses the global force of sport, with the pressing need for climate action – and at the Kick Off event, they will be promoting their climate message, showcasing how football  has the power to raise the awareness that leads to real change. New Zealand international football player Katie Rood will officially kick-off The Ball in London, sending it and hundreds of replica balls on a 12-month global climate action and advocacy mission from Suva to South Africa, Indiana to Istanbul, Jordan to Antarctica and eventually ending up at the World Cup in her home country New Zealand.

The Kick Off starts with three inclusive football matches. They are open to all, anyone can join in.  A range of live acts, from poetry reading to performances by internationally recognised musicians will follow to help spread the climate message to promote sustainable living.

“Everyone loves the World Cup, but if we are to be able to continue playing it in the future, we need collective and urgent climate action. The journey of The Ball across land and sea from London to New Zealand is an opportunity for football to get its environmental act in order. I am going to take action. Are you? I’m looking forward to the prospect of reuniting with The Ball in Auckland at the kick-off of the 2023 Women’s World Cup on July 20 2023,” Katie Rood, professional footballer for Hearts & New Zealand


  • Official Kick-Off of the Ball and 1st half: noon to 12:30: Kick-off and afterwards play with old school rules (up to 30 aside), including costumes and twirly moustaches
  • 2nd half: 12:30 to 1pm. Modern football match (11 aside)
  • 3rd half: 1pm to 2:30 pm. FairPlay matches: several smaller pitches using SOF‘s FairPlay Rules

Join us for an afternoon of fun, football and climate action!